Press Release: Financial Coaching


The CommonWealth Initiative™, serving clients by providing affordable, innovative financial services: Managing money made easy…

CHICAGO, June 1, 2014—Now that the financial crisis is beginning to subside and millions of Americans are seeking to eliminate debt and build assets, The CommonWealth Initiative is a “breath of fresh air”. The Chicago-based, financial planning and consulting firm has introduced two new innovative services to assist millions of Americans managing their money at an affordable rate.

The CWI Coaching Session, at $69.00 hourly, offers a one-on-one power packed, one-hour financial coaching session covering a myriad of money management topics. The CWI Coaching Plan, priced at $197.00, lasts over a 3-month period and provides support and guidance for major financial decisions and during tough economic times.

“The financial situation of each client is unique, and our innovative products and services offer support to these individualized situations:  customized budgets and spending plans to personal financial coaching, investment strategies, and estate planning options”, explains Brian D. Johnson, founder of The CommonWealth Initiative in 2012.

The CommonWealth Initiative takes basic money management principles and merges them with its customized financial coaching services, where the focus is placed on the client from a very detailed, holistic approach.  Johnson asserts, “The CommonWealth Initiative will be the premier resource for personal finance, money management and consulting, serving individuals and families that range from low-to-high in income, net worth, and overall wealth.”

The CommonWealth Initiative takes a professional supportive approach to money management in order to bridge the gap between financial chaos and financial independence.  The products and services are not influenced by commission-based sales products, tactics, income and net worth requirements and/or restrictions.  For more information, visit[3] or call 312-574-0866.

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